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Before you can send owner or user commands to listserv@lists.ou.edu, you will need to go to the Password Registration Page and register a new password. This password will be the only password you need to manage your subscriptions or any lists that you own, edit, or moderate.

Lists.ou.edu is an email distribution list system sponsored by Information Technology at the University of Oklahoma.

As email has become an increasingly important medium of communication at the University of Oklahoma and throughout the world, the email distribution list has become a powerful way for groups to communicate. Lists.ou.edu facilitates the creation and maintenance of these distribution lists with LISTSERV® from L-Soft international, Inc.

Lists.ou.edu is used as an aid to class discussions, faculty committees and student organizations. With over 700 mailing lists, Lists.ou.edu is used by almost every unit of the University of Oklahoma for simple and reliable email based communication. For more information on mail distribution lists at OU call the IT Helpdesk at (405) 325-HELP.

Listserv lists include features not available in Exchange Distribution Lists:

  • Web archives of all messages
  • Moderation
  • Support for off-campus email addresses

Requesting a new list:

New lists can be requested through the OUIT Service Catalog. The Listserv request form is available here.
New lists may also be requested by phone by calling the IT Helpdesk at (405) 325-HELP.

Requests should come from a faculty or staff member and will require the following information:
  1. The OU ID of the requesting faculty or staff member
  2. The list name
    • Must be less than 30 characters
    • No special characters ( !, @, #, $, %, &, *, (, ), +, /, ", ', _, space)
    • "-L" will be appended to the list name
  3. A brief description of the list
    • Must be less than 50 characters
  4. The email addresses of all list owners
    • Must contain the email of requesting faculty or staff member
  5. Which, if any, owners should be silent owners.
  6. Should everybody, only the list subscribers or only the owners be able to send email to the list.
  7. Who should be able to add/remove subscribers to the list.
  8. Should the list be moderated.
  9. If the list is moderated, who should be the moderators. (Owners is fine.)
  10. Should the list be listed on OU's Web list of lists.