Ok, Perl stuff is in an hour (4:30p). I'm going to grab lunch first, so I'll
be out of touch.

If you can, I'd recommend that you bring your laptop. If you have Mac OS X,
you have perl. If you have a Freenix (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD), you probably have
perl. If you have Windows, you almost definitely do not have Perl.

To install Perl on Windows, download it from ActiveState.com. Lucky for you, I
have it already downloaded and in my user folder.


Go ahead and install that.

If you don't want to do that yet, I will be bringing a copy or two of Knoppix
with me, and that is a bootable Linux distribution. It has Perl, and so many
editors it will make your head spin.

I will show you all how to access our server as well, if you wish to save your
files there temporarily, and you can run some Perl scripts there as well.