Todd, Quyen, and I have submitted to the list one proposal for
simplified, uniform and interoperable wireless security. I hope to have
this codified and into the wiki RSN (Real Soon Now - marketingspeak for
sometime in the future).

        However, it turns out O'Reilly has released a book called 802.11
Wireless Security. It's supposed to be pretty good (yes, I read about
this on slashdot. It *is* O'Reilly, however), and if someone were
willing to take one for the team and get it and read through it, maybe
said person could help us out with making our spec better.

        On the other hand, maybe it would be better to roll out the simplified
spec right now, and move to the beefed up spec in 3-6 months after we
have some experience with interop and what our users want. Of course,
that would be more work.

        Any opinions? I think we would all benefit from an interoperable
wireless network.