I've set up a listserv mailing list for OMRF-LUG (linux user's group).
I'm mentioning it in the OMRF total e-mail announcing the LUG.

_Please get yourself subscribed!!:_

E-mail to [log in to unmask]

no subject, in the body type

subscribe OMRF-LUG Steve Jobs

(or any other name you wish to go by)

The current config is this (if you think it ought to be changed, let me

Subscription= Open,Confirm
Ack= Yes
Confidential= No
Validate= No
Reply-to= List,Respect
Review= Owners
Send= Public
Errors-To= Owner
Owner= [log in to unmask]
Notebook= Yes,e:\www\archives,Monthly,Private

J Quyen Arana
Information Technology Director
Oklahoma Science Project
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