hi everybody, and THANKS TO ROB for sharing his Spanish course with us yesterday! that was so cool!
on the agenda for next week: Beth McCoy from CASITAS is going to come talk with us about finding ways to help us do digital media development, and how we can set up some kind of system for making hardware and software available to help us do stuff like that. and after our discussion yesterday, I know we can learn A LOT from each other about effective ways to use our time in preparing digital media. 
I was totally inspired by seeing again what Rob is doing with snippets of audio and slide presentations in his class. I don't do anything like that right now, and I really want to!
meanwhile, Rob and I have been blogging away at OU Online blog: 
anybody can view the blog, and if you "join" the blog you can also add your comments to the discussion! I think I've sent out invitations to join the blog to all of you who are on the list, but if you want me to invite you again just let me know! as you think about alternatives to email in order to increase efficiency of communication, I would really like to recommend blogging. Rob and I are pretty much moving our longstanding email dialogues to blogging, and I think we are both very happy with that!
also, if you know of others who would like to participate in this group, please share the word. for sure we will benefit from the contributions of everybody who gets involved: there is a lot to do and learn, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to do this together instead of trying to do it all alone!