hi everybody, this is just a reminder that we will be getting together again on Thursday at 3:30 in Ellison Hall to talk and brainstorm and our online teaching endeavours.

I'll be doing a walkthru of a "sample week" in my current online class, and if anybody else would like to do a demo of a course they are teaching / have taught, that would be excellent. I think we are all hampered by just not having SEEN that many online courses in action, so the more we can look at, the better!

as usual, Rob and I are making a lot of noise at the the brand-new OU...ONLINE blog! 

it's available for anyone to see, and those of you who have "joined" can contribute your thoughts via http://blogger.com.

I sent out blog invitations to everyone on this list, I think -  but if you'd like me to send you another invite, just let me know.

see you Thursday I hope -