Many of you have expressed interest in creating smaller support or critique groups.  Here's a description of one such group -- now 10 years old -- from one of its charter members:

"We keep the membership to about 12 as not everyone comes each week. We have three readers and two spares each week and we go there to critique, not to socialize except at the snack break mid-way.  The host person choses someone to be the convenor for the night and when it comes time to critique, the convenor is the one who says who will start. Nobody interrupts. The person being critiqued listens and doesn't interrupt unless required to explain something.  It is one of the fairest, most thorough and wonderful groups I've ever been in. I owe a lot to them. They keep me inspired and focused."

Note a couple of critical elements:  the "reading and critiquing" chores rotate, so one or two opinionated types don't dominate, and the receiver must listen to all the critiquing comments without interruption.

Perhaps you'd like to start something similar.  If so, post here, bring it up in class or tutorial, or put a flyer on the PWA bulletin board.  That just might get something going...