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...so, what did I miss? :)
Matt's cyber-problems give me a chance to pass along a couple of things about list management:

1.  Whenever you anticipate -- or discover after the fact -- that your e-mail address will change, please let me know offlist at:
[log in to unmask].  I'll do my best to keep your service running smoothly.

2.  If for some reason you get disconnected, you can fix things yourself at:  http://lists.ou.edu/archives/pwa-l.html .
There you can not only read the archives for the list, you can make changes to your own settings.

3.  If you know of anyone who wants to join us on the list, you may send them to the same URL, where they may submit a request to join.  (Or ask them to send me a request, and I'll set'em up.)

More questions?  Send'em right along.   I'll add the questions and answers to the (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions list that I'm working on.  (Of course, considering the relatively low activity level and the near dearth of questions, I could call it a OAQ list.

Cheers! and

kent graham
PWA-L administrator
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