The letter below is from Adam Zlotnick, a researcher from OU who has attended some of our ISG-LUG meetings. Can anyone post here some recommendations for documentations for his Linux programmer, who is trying for the first time to compile a Linux program for OS X? I understand that he does have the Fink package installed, but don't know if he understands yet how to use it. Web links to development sites, etc. would be appreciated. ArialDear Todd, ArialThanks for allowing me to put you on the spot yesterday.  The programmer you talked to, Paul Moisant, is writing code that will enable use to describe every possible intermediate in the assembly of a given virus.  The resulting database is expected to have more than half a million intermediates.  I am hoping to make the best use of my G5 for these calculations. My hope is that the difficulties are just minor differences in platform specific syntax that will be relatively easy to overcome once we know where to look.  Paul is experienced with Red Hat Linux on a PC, and if need be we can move to one of the Linux boxes here. But, since neither use Red Hat, I suspect we will run into alternative incompatabilities. Besides the web sites, can you recommend any text that will specifically address C++ in OSX? ArialThanks again. ArialAZ Geneva_______________________________________________________ GenevaAdam Zlotnick, Ph.D. GenevaOklahoma University Health Sciences Center  phone: (405) 271-9030 GenevaBiochemistry and Molecular Biology               fax:     (405) 271-3910 Geneva975 NE 10th St.,   BRC464                                email: [log in to unmask] GenevaOklahoma City, OK  73104                0000,0000,EEEE