very cool Jerrod, I've got the Hauppauge but Dishnetwork instead of DirecTV - d'oh! Brad what I do with good ol' dishnetwork is separately program the dish receiver to switch to the right channel at the right time, run a direct cable from receiver (it has 2 sets of outputs) to computer, and then separately set timer on computer app. Recently I got VNC going and router table settings so that I can "channel" the PC from home to record something, but I can't seem to get the telepathy thing going to control the Dish channels on the receiver... On Apr 14, 2004, at 4:42 PM, Jerrod Howard wrote: Arial0000,0000,FFFFYou can buy a Hauppage PVR-250 and buy BeyondTV 3 from Snapstream. The Snapstream software has programming for cable access as well as direct tv, and the PVR-250 interfaces with it very well. You can get the PVR-250 for $150 local, maybe less on the internet. You can get BeyondTV on the internet for ~$40 or so. It's what I use at home and I know for sure it has DirecTV programming you can download. Tahoma-----Original Message----- TahomaFrom:Tahoma Brad Pazoureck [mailto:[log in to unmask]] TahomaSent:Tahoma Wednesday, April 14, 2004 2:06 PM TahomaTo:Tahoma [log in to unmask] TahomaSubject:Tahoma Non work related, but computer related ArialDoes anyone out there use direct tv or dish for cable access and use a capture card in the PC to capture it with?  I have moved to non cox supported area and am getting ready to get it setup and have a few questions about controlling the tuner.  My understanding is that it can't be controlled though the PC like it was on Cox.  If you program a show to be recorded then the tuner will have to be manually set and left on the channel before the recording takes place.  Well just seeing if anyone else has run into this.... ArialBrad