hello folks, this is just a followup to a question that had come up on Wednesday about the relationship between a blog and email. it IS possible to have email notification go out when a blog is updated, and you can request a listserve address from IT so that people can subscribe/unsubscribe to that notification address as they want.
since Joshua Landis has become our blog demo, here's an example of how he has done that now with his blog; he just requested that a listserve be created for this purpose and now there are 3 subscription options along the top of the right-hand column, one of which is email notification.
the way Blogger.com email notification works is that email is sent when there is a NEW post only - not when there is editing done on a post, and not when there are comments.
unless people object (?), I'm going to set the [log in to unmask] as the notification address for the OU Online blog. we can change that if people feel it is not appropriate, but since there is not much posting on that blog anyway, I don't think it will be a problem. and it might give people a sense of the advantages/disadvantages of email messages as opposed to messages on webpages.
if people do think this is a problem, I'll request a separate listserve address for this purpose - although I'm hoping this will work out okay.
thanks everybody - and have a nice weekend!