hi everybody, we got through a lot of information about blogging and discussion boards this week, and just started talking about specific assignments (thanks James!) as we finished up today. we'll carry on with that next week - please bring copies of successful assignments or assignments you would like to try out next week, and we can talk about the nitty gritty of just what kinds of instructions / guidelines /strategies you can use to have the discussion assignment turn out as expected.
I put something up at the blog re: the great Oklahoma library blog that June and I were talking about:
for anybody who wants to use our blog space here as a place to experiment, please feel free to do that! this blog is set up so that in order to post or to comment, you need to be a member. if you'd like me to send you an invite, just let me know.
current members: Lynn Baker, Catherine Hobbs, Karen Cozart, Marielle Hoefnagels, June Lester, Kerry Magruder, Laura Gibbs, Charles Bender, Rob Reynolds, Robin Stead.
especially if you have ANY inclination to use blogging with your students, I would urge you to experiment here!
and if some people are interested in using EZBoard, the same idea applies: definitely better to get some real experience with it before using it in your classes. I'd be glad to turn over my MythFolklore EZBoard to be our summer playground. anybody interested? just let me know.
see you next week everybody,