On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 11:28:10AM -0500, Jerrod Howard wrote:
> The whole reason for this is we got a new tape backup system that will do
> 600gig, which will cover our whole imaging server. Right now we have 4
> partitions of 60 gig so we can fit each array on one tape for full backups.
> Now I can get them all in one tape, but on two of the arrays, I need to
> expand them since they are filling up so fast, and a few others I need to
> shrink. Before I start tampering with the array though, I'm going to do full
> backups on tape as well as copy over to a new server, then blowout and
> rebuild it into one array (for both my sanity and for administration
> purposes on my end). I have a gigabit switch in the office that I'll just
> drop between them and get it rolling on saturday and come up on Sunday and
> get the array done. I'll have it all on tape as well as doing an integrity
> check on the data moved. Then move it all back and be done with it (I hope).

Great. Definitely do the integrity check. I don't know why, but Windows
file transfer has more than once screwed up files for me. Odd, as TCP is
a reliable protocol.