When your IT chief sends out a warning that talks about "mayhem" when you install a Service Pack that is about to be pushed to your whole network, that's when I get nervous. Hopefully it's just because this is the RC2, right? Someone make me feel better here.... Begin forwarded message: 0000,0000,0000From: Les Cummings <<[log in to unmask]> 0000,0000,0000Date: July 23, 2004 1:15:43 PM CDT 0000,0000,0000To: Jon Hamm <<[log in to unmask]>, Brad Pazoureck <<[log in to unmask]>, 'Kelsey Kennedy' <<[log in to unmask]>, Todd Walker <<[log in to unmask]> 0000,0000,0000Subject: FW: Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care.. 0000,0000,0000Received: by mail.omrf.ouhsc.edu id <<[log in to unmask]>; Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:15:43 -0500 0000,0000,0000Message-Id: <<[log in to unmask]> 0000,0000,0000Mime-Version: 1.0 0000,0000,0000Content-Type: text/plain FYI... Les -----Original Message----- From: CRN Security Solutions [mailto:[log in to unmask]] Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 1:09 PM To: [log in to unmask] Subject: Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care Welcome To CRN's Security Solutions Newsletter, Friday, July 23, 2004 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TODAY'S SPONSOR: TECHXNY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come and see more than 450 suppliers of technology solutions at TechXNY-New York's Technology Week, Oct. 5-7 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. The event covers today's hot tech topics--including consumer electronics, RFID, wireless and outsourcing--and features exhibits, conferences, special pavilions and keynote addresses. For your Free Expo Pass, visit the TechXNY site below and enter the following code: uetdn1. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0CddT0Ap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CRN Security News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care Microsoft's objective with Windows XP SP2 is to make it easier for end users to configure and manage security resources via new functionality and stronger security settings. But in an evaluation of a RC2 version of SP2, the CRN Test Center finds that mayhem that can occur when the Service Pack is loaded onto a system. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfie0AF Instant Messages Carry Latest Phishing Scams Security experts reported that instant-message advertising links to malicious URLs have begun appearing, and such URLs could be phony Web sites used for phishing scams. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfif0AG Man Charged With Hacking Acxion Database Company A Florida man has been charged with stealing large amounts of consumer information from Acxiom, one of the world's largest database companies. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfig0AH Symantec Nearly Doubles Revenue Symantec has reason to celebrate. The security vendor on Wednesday posted a 48 percent year-over-year increase in revenue for its fiscal first quarter ended July 2. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfih0AI NFR Security Unveils Latest IPS Appliance NFR's new intrusion-prevention system appliance, dubbed Sentivist, is designed to give users the utmost control over protecting their networks against the latest threats. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfii0AJ CA Adds Sales Chief, CIO Computer Associates International has named George Fischer as senior vice president of North American sales and Kevin Kern as senior vice president and CIO. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfij0AK McAfee Hires Antivirus Geeks In India McAfee plans to set up a center in Bangalore, India, to monitor and counter virus attacks on computer networks worldwide. The center will be staffed by local researchers. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfik0AL New Bagle Worm Variant Shuts Down Defenses The latest Bagle three-worm wave includes one that's using a more aggressive twist on an old tactic. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfil0AM Aventail Introduces New SSL VPN Remote security vendor Aventail has unveiled a full-featured SSL VPN appliance, the Aventail EX-750, tailored for small and midsize businesses. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfim0AN Blue Coat To Acquire URL Filtering Provider Blue Coat Systems plans to acquire URL filtering company Cerberian for about $17.5 million in stock. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfin0AO Bagle Worm Back With A Vengeance Two severe variants of the Bagle worm reared their ugly heads late Monday. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfio0AP Bluesocket Adds Intrusion Protection, RF Monitoring Bluesocket next month plans to ship a new WLAN monitoring and intrusion-detection system that includes a new server and RF monitoring sensor. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfip0AQ Kavado Enhances Application Security Suite Web application security vendor Kavado rolled out improved versions of its application-scanning and firewall software products. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfiq0AR Virus Targets WinCE Devices The first known virus aimed at Microsoft's Windows CE operating system was sent to several antivirus firms by its author over the weekend to prove that Pocket PCs and Smartphones are vulnerable to attack. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfir0AS BorderWare Expands Channel Program Network security vendor BorderWare has expanded its channel program around its flagship product, the MXtreme Mail Firewall. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfis0AT New Bagle Worm Slams, Then Slows A worm analysts thought would rival MyDoom in its destructiveness, known as Bagle.af or Bagle.ab, began to peter out last Friday. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfit0AU Improving Microsoft Security: No Simple Task As Microsoft prepares to launch its biggest security upgrade ever to Windows, Service Pack 2, the company is trying to strike a balance between making things safe and making things work. http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfiu0AV ** For more breaking news about the Security market, go to ChannelWeb's Security News Center: http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0CaS30Aw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS WEEK ON THE CHANNELWEB NETWORK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SECURITY NEWS DIGEST http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Ceq40AX CUSTOM-SYSTEM SOLUTIONS: FAST-GROWTH PERFORMERS http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfiv0AW CRN INTERVIEW: JOHN CHAMBERS, CISCO SYSTEMS http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfiw0AX MICROSOFT VELOCITY NEWS CENTER http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfix0AY HEATHER CLANCY'S 'THE BUZZ' WEBLOG http://newsletter.crn.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/eiTh0GA7oP0ElQ0Cfiy0AZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE NEWSLETTERS: Get more industry news, analysis and research delivered directly to your desktop. 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