hi everybody, thanks to those of you who came to the session on
Thursday! Catherine Hobbs proposed that we look at software for
quizzes/games that people would like to have a site license for here at
OU, and come up with a joint proposal to submit to the College Computing
Committee. we could also lobby the CMS folks at IT about this. either
way, I think that's a great idea! there is some really great software
out there which could be of general interest to all instructors on

two pieces of software we could pursue are:
QUIA (creates online games/quizzes hosted at QUIA)
Respondus StudyMate  (creates freestanding game/quiz pages, which can be
uploaded into Blackboard/WebCT if desired)

if you have any thoughts about that, please let me know.

also, if people are currently using other quiz/game-creation software
that you would like to put on the table for consideration, send me some
information about the software and I'll add it to the list at the
Resource Center:

meanwhile, I put up a lot of materials at QUIA this weekend, and here's
a page that shows how a single webpage can be used to organize lots of
links to online activities, with the links all in one place: