If you have not already returned your ballot to headquarters, please do
so immediately and PLEASE remember to support the MAC members who are
running for office, including but not limited to these former MAC
division heads:
Meta Carstarphen
MC Santana
Diana Rios
Linda Callahan?
(Is Felicia Jones on the ballot too?)

Please accept my heartfelt regrets that this message comes so close to
the deadline, may be incomplete as I am working from memory and that I
have been unable to really serve the AEJMAC interest listserve or the
Feminist Friends listserve.  Between the dramas and heavy course load of
my work place, new ownership of an aging house as a 1st time home buyer,
Ivan and tornados and other severe weather and arranging...I just have
not been able to squeeze in the time at my home computer where I am set
up to do those good things.  Recently due to a long overdue computer up
grade at the U. & Meta's help, I can at least respond to the primary
AEJMAC list...
Your Temporarily Overwhelmed Membership Chair
E-K. Daufin