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ASU - Jonesboro:  Help for students in wake
of Hurricane Katrina catastrophe in Gulf

        Arkansas State University is among those institutions of higher education that are trying to assist college students affected by the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe.
        "Several of our partner institutions in other states are deeply affected by this disaster," stated Dr. Les Wyatt, president.  "We deeply regret the circumstances that they are facing at this time.  Our hearts go out to them and to their families, who find themselves displaced and facing enormous burdens."
        Many universities in southern Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi have suffered extensive damage from the hurricane and flooding, and are not expected to reopen until next semester at the earliest.
        "We recognize that these students had come to those universities seeking the benefits of higher education," Wyatt continued.  "Also, we know there are Arkansans who are similarly affected."
      As part of a cooperative effort to assist students at these other schools, Arkansas State University will allow any affected student from another state to enroll at ASU through Tuesday, Sept. 6 (end of the normal registration period), with the out-of-state tuition waived.
      For Arkansas students who had been attending one of the affected schools, ASU is one of several state institutions that will give a full semester's scholarship for tuition and fees.  This will allow those students to stay on track with their education by attending a school closer to home.
      Student Affairs and Academic Affairs officials are working out arrangements on the assumption that many of these students will not have transcripts and other key information immediately available.
        Student Affairs and Advising Center personnel will work out details and establish a "hurricane buddy" system to help Katrina-affected students get up to speed, both academically and personally.
        Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has said, "We're doing everything in our power to be a good neighbor," and this is one of ASU's contributions to that effort.
      Students at ASU are also looking at how they can get involved as good neighbors, according to Candace Martin, president of the Student Government Association.
      "Several students have approached me and asked how they can help," she said.  "Not only are they in sympathy for the families and students in that area, but also for the students who are going to those colleges."
        Martin said they are considering several different ideas, some more immediate and some longer term.
      "Our students want to do anything they can possibly do to help," she added.  "The SGA will hopefully be able to channel their desires into actions that will help the affected students."
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