Greetings All,

I'm Jocelyn Pedersen.  I have a B.A. in Spanish from OU which I
received in 1979.   Guess that tells you that I am a non-traditional

I've been writing a book about adventures on my farm.  I bought a
small farm 3 years ago and have populated it with animals.  Prior to
purchasing said farm, the sum total of my knowledge of animal
husbandry was comprised of knowing how to feed a dog.  Consequently,
I have many funny anecdotes.  My friends who have read my stories
have encouraged me to publish.

I took a class at OCCC to explore interests, talents, and career
options.  I love writing.  Anything.  But I had never considered it
as a career option until recently, so here I am.

I'd be interested in meeting (e-meeting) any of you.  You have all
had more PW classes than I have!

Any other non-traditional students out there?