Subject: RE: AEJMC Officer Recommendations MAC Slate


Please read the MAC slate below and complete your original 2006-2007
Officer Recommendations form found on page 5 of the AEJMC NEWS Sept. 15
issue (Copies will NOT be accepted!).  Send your completed, original
form to Sharon Murphy as pre-addressed.  


Vice President, 

Anantha S. Babbili, Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University 

This dean and professor of the College of Mass Communication at the
Seigenthaler Center for  First Amendment Studies is exiting Journalism
Monographs editor-in-chief and has strong, progressive ideas to move
AEJMC forward.


Committee on Professional Freedom and Responsibility

1. MC Santana, University of Florida, Orlando

2. Meta G. Carstarphen, University of Oklahoma



Committee on Research

1. Carmen Manning-Miller, University of Mississippi, Oxford Campus

2. Anita Rife-Fleming, Clark-Atlanta University


Committee on Teaching Standards

1. Federico Subervi, Texas State University



I ask you to follow your conscience, complete and send in your ORIGINAL
FORM (Copies will NOT be considered.) to headquarters USPS, postmarked
by or before 10/14/05.


Please note that our wonderful Dr. Felicia Ross, Dr. Paula Poindexter
and Dr. Diana Rios are continuing members of the PF&R, Research and
Teaching Standards Committees respectively.  They should not be
re-nominated for these committees nor can we nominate anyone from their
schools for those committees.





Professor E-K. Daufin, Ph.D.

MAC Membership Chair

Department of Communications

Alabama State University

915 South Jackson St.

Montgomery, AL 36101-0271