Attached is the latest "OKC Traders" email. Besides a means of buying and selling gear, it has a good list of nets, VE exam times and places, club meeting times, etc. You can join yourself by sending an email to:   [log in to unmask]
I've just added a few more books (compliments of Prez Robin KC0BSC) to our "library" of license study manuals. We have 3 or 4 Technician books of various kinds (Q&A, Now You're Talking, etc.) and one each for General and Extra classes. There is also a pair of ARRL CDs for learning Morse code, and Robin also donated an ARRL antenna book.
These are available on 7-day reserve at the Geology library (Youngblood Energy Library) in the Sarkeys Energy Center, 2nd floor. They are renewable after 7 days in case you are not a quick study. ;-)  Library hours can be found on the OU website under Libraries, but I think this will take you directly to Geology library hours:
You do need a University ID to check anything out. The newest additions may not be available for a couple days because they have to be processed like regular library books first, but there is one each of Tech, General and Extra study books and the 2-CD set available right now.
Jud W5JA
Dr. Judson L. Ahern
Professor Emeritus, Geophysics
School of Geology & Geophysics
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019
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