Hey all,

Last night was a good night in general for ham radio.  Myself and Chip
(WX9EMT) went up to the shack again and tried our hand again at HF QSOs.
 The bands were generally all open to Europe last night, so we heard
numerous stations from around that area, as well as a couple from
somewhere in South/Central America.  We actually did make contact with a
station out of Canada via BPSK31 digital communications.

I've attached a .txt file of our QSO with V3PWP.  I will post pictures
that I took at the shack on the OUARC Facebook group sometime today when
I get a chance.

On another note, Chip and I did figure out that the repeater in the
shack DOES work, and that it's frequencies are 442.100 MHz, + offset, no
tone.  It appears that all we need to get a club repeater up and running
is a good antenna system for it and somewhere to put it.  Just to be on
the safe side, I think that we should have it looked at by someone that
knows more about it (and can reprogram the CW IDer), so that -if-
something isn't set up properly we can get it fixed before the tower
goes up.  Also, 442.1/447.1 is a coordinated frequency pair currently
assigned to N5TKS (which I must assume is the repeater sitting in our
shack), so I believe that we are actually ready to throw an antenna up
somewhere and plug the machine in.


Matthew Morris
Sophomore METR major, University of Oklahoma
EMT, Fisher County Hospital District EMS
(405)-487-2758 -- Apartment
(405)-317-0491 -- Cell

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