Some of us have been playing with Moxon antennas.  Mike, W5EGO, has an MFJ SWR analyzer.  I'll see what we can do about testing the SWR of your dipole and/or building a Moxon for the shack.


Steven KE5GAU

On 11/28/06, Judson Ahern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At the Southern Cross shack:

I've made up a power cord to connect the 50W Kenwood 2m rig to the 11A power supply. I also cobbed together what is probably my sorriest-ever excuse for an antenna, but I had to use what was there. :-)   It's a dipole, hung from the ceiling by tucking one end under a ceiling panel (for vertical polarization).  It does work - I could hit 146.88, and 147.06, including the east-side input.

However, I do have a couple requests (since it's my radio ;-):

Until someone comes up with a better antenna, make sure my temp is hanging up there, and keep transmissions short. I have no idea what the SWR is, although it's cut to the nominal length of 468/146.5 feet.

Also, when you are not using it, turn it and the power supply off - duh.  Finally cover the radio with the plastic bag until we can come up with a better cover. I like to keep my gear looking (and working) good, and that room is a particular problem since the windows don't completely close, so dust will be a problem.

Otherwise, enjoy!


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