Obviously Unrehearsed Improv! continues The Improv Institute today from 5-7pm in the OU Memorial Union's 3rd Floor Ballroom.


Ever wanted to learn more about the techniques and skills behind performing improv? Maybe you're shy and want to find a way to get out of your shell? Perhaps you just want a chance to learn from and play with OU's own nationally-recognized improvisational comedy and performance troupe? Well, here's your chance to accomplish these goals and many more:

O.U. Improv! presents the Improv Institute: a series of weekly classes focused on teaching you the methods behind the magic and madness that is improvisational comedy and theater. Improv is a fun and challenging art form that encourages creativity, imagination, and in-the-moment problem solving. It builds confidence and improves group dynamics by fostering an atmosphere of cooperation, support, and complete trust. And most importantly, IT'S FUN!!!

Classes take place every Sunday, from 5-7pm in the OU Memorial Union. The Institute is free and open to the public (ages 16 and up). For more information or to make special arrangements contact O.U. Improv! Manager, Marcy Fleming at (405) 413-0162 or via e-mail at [log in to unmask].

For more details on future Institute locations please check our website: www.ouimprov.com.

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