Heather, I'm copying our email mailing list with your request. I imagine someone will take you up on this; if not email me back (you can use [log in to unmask]).
Anybody out there want to help her?

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OUARC Members,

My name is Heather Helms. I am an OU journalism student. I am currently taking a class in which we produce news packages for OU Nightly, the campus news show. I recently received a press release concerning a change in FCC regulations for radio licensing. It said that Morse code will no longer be tested in the licensing process. I am interested in reporting on this for OU Nightly, and I would like to interview one or more of you members in order to get more information and the response of those who are involved. I would also like to see the equipment you use. I may also attempt to contact individual members of your organization in an attempt to get a response, but if anyone receiving this e-mail has information for me, or is willing to participate in an interview, I would appreciate it. Please contact my by replying to this e-mail, or calling me at (405) 818-2941. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Heather Helms
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Dr. Judson L. Ahern
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