Dear Sean, DeeDee, Arne and all,

We miss you here. We'd keep you posted on women and community media discussions that will take place in the next few days. AMARC hopes to be in closer links with friends in the academic community regarding new researches on media policies and legislation as well as new evaluation tools.

IWTC is interested in innovative uses of community media for peace building and conflict resolution.

Warm regards,

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On Fri Apr 6 15:49 , Sean O Siochru <[log in to unmask]>sent:

Me too - would love to be there - but totally bogged down in getting Dublin
Community Television on air on June 1st!

I had hoped at an earlier point to make it there and thanks to those who
tried to arrange it. It is a shame also that we could not organise it for
CRIS people to meet ... but alas ... the best laid plans.

Have a great time everyone and I look forward to hearing afterwards


At 19:15 06/04/2007, DeeDee Halleck wrote:
>I feel so sad not to be there! I heartily endorse all of what Arne has said.
>I sent some flyers with Faye for Waves of Change, the new Deep Dish series
>that hopefully will celebrate and promote the many inspiring projects of
>"Our Media".
>Enjoy Australia and don't forget to wear sun screen!
> > Dear all!
> >
> > As so many others, I'm unfortunately not able to come to Australia for
> > OURMedia6. But, equally as many others on this list and in the wider
> > OURMedia
> > network, I will check the site and the list for updates and I'm hoping for
> > stories and reports from those that will be there. I have only been to one
> > OM
> > conference so far (in Porto Alegre, 2004), but that was a great
> > experience.
> >
> > The OM conferences are crucial (and the programme for this one is
> > fantastic...
> > I shouldn't look at it any longer, it's just too frustrating not to be
> > there :), but OURMedia connections are flourishing beyond those central
> > events.
> > Collaborative research projects by different OURMedia members are taking
> > place
> > (an example: a consortium on civil society media policy, initiated by Gabi
> > Hadl), smaller conferences and workshops are held (an example: "Community
> > Broadcasting Policy in Europe", organised by Kate Coyer, to take place
> > here at
> > the CEU in Budapest in May), OM members are moving to new universities and
> > starting new research projects and/or teaching programmes in community or
> > alternative media, and they are meeting alongside other conferences (such
> > as
> > IAMCR in Paris in July), advocacy coalitions are forming (such as, for
> > example,
> > the Community Media Forum Europe)....
> >
> > It would be great to further develop such connections, make them visible
> > (on
> > the website or elsewhere), and keep track of what is happening inbetween
> > conferences. If from the "OURfuture" discussions there emerges an interest
> > to
> > work more on this, I'd be happy to contribute in whatever way.
> >
> > Now, a happy OURMedia6 everyone! And don't forget us poor people elsewhere
> > on
> > the planet :)
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > Arne Hintz
> >
> > (currently Center for Media and Communication Studies, Central European
> > University, Budapest; usually Research Centre Media and Politics,
> > University of
> > Hamburg)
> >
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