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Subject: Our Media 7 & OM 8 - Next Conferences

I support the next conference in Ghana, and have a suggestion: we can already schedule two conferences. I suggest the OM7 conference takes place in Ghana in 2008, and the OM8 conference takes place in Budapest in 2009. This will allow for more time for planning and preparation.

I support Ghana because this a region where Our Media has not been present yet.  It is an important region in development, and most of our work is related to development. It is also a region where new community media experiencies are developing very fast, and the discussion on community media is more necessary than ever.

On top of the above, we have Wilna in Ghana, her offer to organise it, and I trust very much her skills as organiser and her capacity to gather a good local steering committee. Let's wait to hear from her in terms of putting together a good local committee.

I don't very much endorse the idea of regional conferences, because they may disperse our efforts (as happened with the Social Forum).  There are other instances at the regional level where people can meet in smaller groups. We need all efforts together to put on one OurMedia/NuestrosMedios conference every year or every 18 months, so lets focus on that and contribute towards that end.

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From: Wilna Quarmyne <[log in to unmask]>
Date:  Wednesday, May 9, 2007 2:53 am
Subject: Re: Letter from Ghana - OM7
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Good morning from Ghana, All.
> Last night,  I had the chance to acknowledge Alfonso's expression of
> support for  Ghana's hosting of OM7.  Since then, there have been
> similar  warming e-mail from Mavic, Amparo and Tanja - many thanks
>  also.  Then came Clemencia's typically balanced and  inclusive
> response, copying the proposal from Arne, Stefania and  Kate.  Very
> much also appreciate the latter's disclaimer and  expression of
> support for Ghana/Africa.
> Thought of  putting all together in a chain, but it might be too
> unwieldy.
>  One of the great differences I experienced and deeply appreciated
> at  OM was the openness of the decision-making process - no
> stultifying  resolutions, no jockeying for positions or "prestige",
> an effort to  live the participatory processes that we profess.
> Athens,  Ohio; Budapest, Hungry; Accra, Ghana - each clearly offers
> the  possibility to explore and extend new worlds for OM.   As in
>  Sydney, Australia (which is the only one I've experienced), each
>  admitting the world through, and sharing its own, different prisms.
>  It would be wonderful to be led by Rafael (even if we have not yet
>  met) through Appalachia and beyond, and by Arne, Stefania and Kate
>  through Budapest and Central Europe.
> Needless to say, we would  love for all to come to Ghana/Africa -
> the time is finally  nearly-right, the need is so great, the voices
> so diverse and the  indigenous traditions so deep yet so overlooked
> by the  media.
> When I say "our", I'm speaking for GCRN and those to  whom -
> academicians, civil society activists - we have raised the  idea.
> We are casting the net wider - if possible, beyond Ghana - which  is
> partly why we are not yet listing those on the emerging  local
> committee.  There is already, as I mentioned, great  excitement and
> we just need to ground it in specifics.  You  will hear from us by
> 31 May.
> A Good Day, and for those  on the other side of the world, Good
> Evening to All!
>  Wilna
> P.S.  Copied above is the other e-mail address  I use - it has a
> glitch so I can only receive from it at the  moment.
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