A woman of integrity and fellow Poynter Diversity Across the Curriculum
07 participant sent this more balanced response to the !@##$$% racist
idiot Craig Franklin, editor of the local Jena Times newspaper.  This is
a link to Howard Witt's response to questions about Franklin's Christian
Science Monitor piece that is so like Al Thomkin's racist Poynter
article.  It includes a link to the response by Alan Bean the pastor who
told Witt about the case and the director of a civil rights group called
Friends of Justice. The CSM piece is UGLY and full of
revisionist/apologist propaganda.


here is a response i send out whenever i get emails about franklin's

            Dear xxx:

Thanks for your inquiry. I am familiar with the article Craig Franklin,
editor of the local Jena Times newspaper, wrote for the Christian
Science Monitor. Unfortunately, that article was filled with revisionist

            If you care to read a pretty thorough debunking of
Franklin's claims, I would recommend the following, written by Alan
Bean, director of a civil rights group called Friends of Justice, who
was the first outsider to investigate the Jena case. It can be found at:


I'm afraid I have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in a
point-by-point refutation of Franklin's article. I'll let my extensive
reporting on the Jena story, available at www.chicagotribune.com/jena,
stand as my rebuttal.

But I will give you just one example of where Franklin twists the facts.
Franklin contends that the nooses were not a threat directed at black
students. I can tell you that my reporting in Jena over the last six
months reveals otherwise.

Fact: The principal at Jena High School did not regard the nooses as a
harmless incident. He recommended that the three white students who hung
the nooses be permanently expelled from school. That recommendation was
overridden, however, by the school superintendent, who announced that
the nooses were just a youthful prank. Soon afterward, the principal was
transferred to a different job in the school district central office.

Fact: LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters-the same man who is
prosecuting the Jena 6 teenagers for the beating of Justin Barker-did
not believe the nooses were an innocent prank.

"This was an awful act," Walters told reporters on the day before the
Sept. 20 civil rights march through Jena. "It was not a prank but a
vicious and crude statement.... The people who did it should be ashamed
of themselves and mortified at the havoc they have unleashed on this

Walters added, however, that he could find no Louisiana statute that was
violated by the youths who hung the nooses, so he did not charge them
with any crime.

            Fact: The U.S. attorney for the Western District of
Louisiana, Donald Washington, declared that the hanging of the nooses
constituted a hate crime, although he declined to prosecute the students
because of their ages.

            "Yes, hanging a noose under these circumstances is a hate
crime," Washington testified before the House Judiciary Committee in
Washington last month. "If these acts had been committed by others who
were not juveniles, this would have been a federal hate crime, and we
would have moved forward."

hope this answers your questions. good luck with your seminar.


howard witt


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