Hello, everyone. The Texas lurker speaks--I hope that things are going well for you and that the school year is shaping up to be a successful one. I enjoy keeping up long distance with your activities.

One of our best teachers, Vanessa Diglia, is relocating to the OKC area this summer (her husband is the owner/manager of the Carrabba's there). She is an amazing language arts teacher, well grounded in "real" reading and writing and with a proven track record of working with struggling students. She's a technology adept and has spent this past year as her building's teacher technologist and data coach, so she knows how to work data.   She's also ESL certified and is just a flat-out amazing teacher.
I'm not sure the principal will ever get over her departure!

If you know of an opening in the OKC area (they had a contract on a house in Yukon, but there's been a snafu, so they are somewhat in limbo on the house location), could you send me an email?  She'd be a great addition to any staff.

Thanks so much!