Hello All-
We would like your input on possible topics for round table discussions at the upcoming annual conference. These will be held over a long lunch break, and are designed to be small, more intimate discussions over topics not covered in work groups or plenary session, or those that lend themselves to further discussion. Some planned and/or suggested topics are listed below. Please comment, and make suggestions for additional topics you would be interested in.
Long term follow up - newborn screening
Nursing Genetics Education Collaboration: Iowa Program, Other 
Family Health History
Genetic counseling licensure
Billing and reimbursement-for clinical services
Birth defects registries
Teratogen Information Services
Usher syndrome screening proposal
Public Health Genetics (Sarah lawrence program, other)
Increasing the work force: Medical student education
Funding Program compnents
The roundtables will have a facilitator to lead the discussion, so please also suggest possible facilitators. These are informal discussions with no formal presentation
Thanks for your input!
Kyna Byerly, MS, CGC
Assistant Program Manager
Heartland Regional Genetics and Newborn Screening Collaborative
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