The Voices For Justice September 17, 2008          
Voices for Justice bicentennial celebration kick-off event
PLACE, New Orleans, LA

November 14 - 18 2008
Voices for Justice presentation
Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Conference    
of Houston, Houston, TX

The Voices of Justice committee is making a call to Latino media, organizations, and community leaders to hold celebrations across the nation to acknowledge and commemorate the 200 years of Latino newspapers. These events are key to making the public aware of the long history of U.S. Latino print journalism. Help us to tell this important and inspiring story to the entire nation.

Become part of the legacy.  If you know descendants of early Latino publishers, or you can share a story about the Latino press, or you have old Latino newspapers or photographs, let us know.

Individuals and organizations can join in the celebration by organizing events during the bicentennial year, beginning in September 2008 and running through September 2009. During this time Acción Latina will sponsor, co-sponsor and assist with events to raise public awareness of the history, impact and future of news media serving the nation’s burgeoning Latino communities.

Everyone and anyone can contribute. Newspapers can publish a series of articles. Descendants of a family that published a newspaper can pull photographs and memoirs out of the attic.  Schools and universities can organize a program or conduct historical research.  Journalists associations can honor pioneers. During this time Acción Latina will serve as a clearinghouse for these activities and list events on our online calendar of events page.


Archives of Latino newspapers and photographs
Power point presentation
Published articles on the Latino press

For support in organizing an event or to make a donation contact:

Juan Gonzales, [log in to unmask]
Eva Martinez, [log in to unmask]
(415) 648-1045

Acción Latina / Voices for Justice
2958-4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110