Dear Juan and all,

I am so sorry to miss OM 8. It truly is one of the most stimulating and exciting discussion spaces on development, social justice, social movement, gender, culture, human rights and how all of those link to media and communication rights. I'm also sorry to miss the dancing and all the fun!  

Congratulations to everyone in the organizing committee and all participants. I look forward to the blogs, reports, photos, video and audio clips.



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Dear OURMedia/NUESTROSMedios compañer@s
I wish you all the best in this conference!! I am sure it will be inspiring as all OM events are.
I miss so much the energy and enthusiasm of our OM meetings- Unfortunately, I attended an earlier conference in Mexico, and I took advantage of the proximity to visit my uncle here, who is a missionary priest in a very poor and remote area of the Hidalgo state. I will anyway be looking for social justice/social change projects, but will greatly miss being with you all.
Please keep us updated, publish reports, write notes to make those who are far away feel less lonely!
A big thanks goes to the organising committee, and to those people who, year by year, committ time and energies to make OM happen! I promise I will be among you next year!
A big hug to all
Stefania Milan
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Queridos Juan y compañer@s,


Thanks for sending word of the meeting, I look forward to hearing about it all soon.


Saludos y abrazos,




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Hi Juan and all in Medellin!


I want to echo Shawn on both counts: my sadness at not being there with all of you, and my fervent hope that you have a great gathering. Actually, I am sure my hope is a fairly safe bet as I am sure you will all have a great gathering. Maybe my hope then is that I can pick up some of your energy via the net in the next few days!


Good luck and know I am with you in spirit




Jonathan Langdon

St. Francis Xavier University
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Subject: Re: OURMedia 8 en Colombia


Hello Juan,


Thank you for your lovely message, and I'm really sad that I cannot be there in Medellin with you all!


Have a fantastic gathering and I look forward to reading the updates of events each day, getting more jealous each time!  ;-) 


Best wishes and praying you all peace and inspiring conversation.




Shawn Sobers


Firstborn Creatives (UK)

University of the West of England



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Subject: OURMedia 8 en Colombia

(English follows)

NuestrosMedios 8 en Colombia

Estimados colegas y amigos de la red NuestrosMedios en el mundo,

Una vez más nos hemos reunido para darle continuidad al diálogo que
iniciamos hace ocho años, cuando nos reunimos por primera vez. Como en otras
ocasiones, echamos de menos a todos los que son parte de la red, a nivel
internacional, pero que no han podido llegar este año a Medellín, Colombia,
donde estamos reunidos.

Sin embargo, los mantenemos a todos muy presentes y queremos mantenerlos
informados sobre esta reunión.  Durante esta semana, les enviaremos cada día
una breve nota para contarles los aspectos más relevantes.

Para comenzar, queremos decirles que hay más de 120 participantes en esta
reunión, entre ellos cerca de 40 internacionales, que llegaron de Argentina,
Australia, Bolivia, Brasil, China, España, Estados Unidos, Francia, Ghana,
Hungría, Inglaterra, México, Nicaragua, Noruega, Nueva Zelanda, Perú,
Senegal y Uruguay.

La participación colombiana es obviamente la más importante, no solo por su
cantidad sino por la variedad y la calidad de las experiencias y las ideas
que comparten con los demás.

El Recinto Quirama donde estamos reunidos es un lugar hermoso, rodeado de
vegetación y tranquilidad, un ambiente apropiado para el diálogo sin
distracciones. Los esfuerzos realizados por el Comité Local para garantizar
el éxito de esta conferencia se han visto recompensados.

Durante toda la semana tenemos un programa intenso y variado, que
compartiremos con todos los miembros de la red dispersos en el planeta,
animándolos para que la próxima vez participen en Nuestro Medios 9.

No dejen de visitar la página web de la red para acceder a más información,
fotografías y ponencias.

Comité Organizador


OURMedia 8 in Colombia

Dear colleagues and friends from the OurMedia network worldwide,

Once more we have gathered to continue the process of dialogue that we
started eight years ago when we met for the first time. As in previous
occasions we miss all of those that are part of the network, at the
international level, but couldn¹t come to Medellin, Colombia, where we are
having the conference.

However we bear you in our minds and we want to keep you informed on this
meeting. During the week we will send you every day a brief description of
every day¹s activities, focusing on salient aspects.

To start, we want you to know that we have over 120 participants in the
conference, 40 of which are internationals who came from Argentina,
Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Spain, United States, France, Ghana,
Hungary, England, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Senegal and

Participation from Colombia is of course the most important, not only in
numbers but also for the variety and quality of experiences and ideas shared
with the others. 

The Recinto Quirama where we have gathered is a beautiful place surrounded
by vegetation and peacefulness, an appropriate environment to have our
dialogues without distractions. The efforts that the Local Committee has
done to guarantee the success of the conference have been rewarded.

We have during the whole week an intense and varied programme, which we will
share with all members of the network around the planet, to encourage them
to participate in our future OurMedia 9 Conference.

Please visit our website for more details, photos and papers.

Organising Comité 

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