Dear Becky and you all,
I would happy to collaborate in compiling such resource with you and all 
those interested.

I have unlimited server space available on my project website and it wouldn't be a problem to host it there if 
Of course, there might be a number of other places where such a resource 
could be potentially hosted (OurMedia, AMARC, etc.), so just let me matter where, this could become a very useful source for 
practitioners, researchers, activists and policymakers.



Prof. Becky Lentz wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> On and off-list I received quite a number of useful responses to my query
> about where a comprehensive, updated/current, list of country-based
> laws/regulations enabling/restricting community radio might exist. Seems
> there are several repositories that may or may not be fully linked. As
> indicated in my first email, this ATI/FOI summary exists
> (; is there any interest in compiling,
> collectively/comprehensively, something similar, for comparative research
> and advocacy purposes?
> Best,
> Becky Lentz