Thanks, a similar 'index' of sorts...

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> Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 11:18:02 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Comparative summary of community radio regulations by country?
> Thanks, Becky. The idea is to create a resource/database/map on various
> fields of media and communications policy, pointing to and making
> available policy documents, relevant research, etc, and one such field
> should definitely be community media policy and/or the broader area of
> alternative/radical/citizens/civil society media policy. The overall
> project is being developed by people at McGill, Padova University and
> Central European University, in collaboration with the SSRC, but many of
> the specific policy maps should be done together with other researchers
> and institutions. As for the community media policy field, a lot of work
> has already been done by Kate Coyer, Salvo, Steve Buckley, and others.
> There is also a loose group coordinated by Gabi Hadl, the Civil Society
> Media Policy Consortium... and, of course, OURMedia as a whole would
> have a lot to say on this topic.
> When there is a clearer idea of what the global media policy map will
> look like and what a community media section could be, I will report
> back to this list and then we can see how OURMedia (or OURMedia members)
> can be involved and help shape and develop this thing.
> Best,
> Arne
>> Arne Hintz just wrote back off list that he's embarking on this project as
>> part of the global mapping project that Raboy/Padovani and others are
>> pursuing and that was discussed recently at IAMCR. He'll be with us this
>> coming year at McGill.
>> Arne, can you add more clarification? Do you need more on your 'team'?
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>>> Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 10:09:26 -0400
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>>> Subject: Re: Comparative summary of community radio regulations by country?
>>> Dear Becky and you all,
>>> I would happy to collaborate in compiling such resource with you and all
>>> those interested.
>>> I have unlimited server space available on my project website
>>> and it wouldn't be a problem to host it there if
>>> needed.
>>> Of course, there might be a number of other places where such a resource
>>> could be potentially hosted (OurMedia, AMARC, etc.), so just let me
>>> matter where, this could become a very useful source for
>>> practitioners, researchers, activists and policymakers.
>>> Best,
>>> Salvo
>>> Prof. Becky Lentz wrote:
>>>> Dear Colleagues,
>>>> On and off-list I received quite a number of useful responses to my query
>>>> about where a comprehensive, updated/current, list of country-based
>>>> laws/regulations enabling/restricting community radio might exist. Seems
>>>> there are several repositories that may or may not be fully linked. As
>>>> indicated in my first email, this ATI/FOI summary exists
>>>> (; is there any interest in compiling,
>>>> collectively/comprehensively, something similar, for comparative research
>>>> and advocacy purposes?
>>>> Best,
>>>> Becky Lentz