Don't forget to add your presentation to our catalog.  As of today, there are only 10 TC's who have submitted presentations.  Deadline to submit is January 22.  Even if you have presented in the past, you MUST resubmit your presentation to be included in this year's catalog.  Just a reminder--Please don't forget!!!

Thanks to all of you who already have submitted!

OWP is creating an updated Inservice Catalog.  This is your chance to get your presentation listed.  Below is a link.  Go to it and answer all questions.  You may submit as many presentations as you have prepared.  All submissions will be reviewed for inclusion the 2010 Inservice Catalog. Catalog will be posted on-line on our website as well as passed out to school districts throughout the year.  Many of you want to become more active and present more often.  Here is your chance to let me and schools know about your presentation.  I will use this catalog for scheduling upcoming inservice in 2010.  Deadline to submit for this year's catalog is January 22, 2010.
I hope everyone will submit the presentation delivered while going through the Summer Institute.  It is my goal to have a variety of topics and  presenters to share with schools.  

I have attached some descriptions from previous catalogs.  You may want to look through and see if there is a inservice you would like to resubmit.  EVERYTHING will have to beresubmitted to the above link to be included in the 2010 Inservice Catalog.  

Looking forward to reading about your presentation,  

Audra Plummer  M. Ed.
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