LILI IS ABSolutely RIGHT ON this matter. who is the best person to speak with Carol? Who has most rapport?

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Sent: Tue Jun 08 17:48:51 2010
Subject: Is there another approach???

I've been reading the commentary off and on all day concerning the statement released by the AEJMC Advisory Committee. I notice that it appears that no one has addressed Sharon Bramlett-Solomon's questions as follows:
 Quoting Bramlett-Solomon:  " Has anyone told Carol Pardun, Paul Lester or other
Advisory Council members that their position don't match Obama's record?
What was their evidence in taking this position?"  (Unquote)

So, with that, I'd like to offer a suggestion and a comment.  I served on the AEJMC Implementation Committee during the time that the idea of creating a president's advisory committee/council came forward. I recall us discussing the potential problems that creating such a committee might possibly create, particularly in the event that a statement is released that does not reflect the general consensus of the membership. As such, it appears that our worse case scenario came to fruition as of this morning. 
With that, I am wondering if it is worth it to FIRST launch a campaign that includes drafting a resolution without first speaking directly to Pardun and or Lester.  Do we really want to go to spend our money going to Denver with the intention of confronting our president (aka "blindsiding her") without speaking to her first. It has been my experience in life that when people make missteps such as this one, that they are grossly unaware that they are out of touch and/or off base in their actions. 
Again, I ask the question, do we want to go harmed and ready to fight without first approaching the president? Last thing I want to do is to be stuck in Denver for four days in a hotel where the atmosphere is unfriendly, tense, etc. 
Out of courtesy, I think we owe it to Professor/President Pardun to just ask her point blank BEHIND the scenes, "What were you thinking?"   We might be surprised at her response.
I just thought I'd suggest another approach for handling this mis-step on the part of our leadership.  Maybe a resolution will be the end result. But, then again, maybe we won't have to go that far at all.
I am sincerely,
Lillie Mae Fears