Hello all:  I think that a joint resolution from MAC and CSM and anyone else 
that we can get to join us would be the proper response.  Of course, a 
resolution would have to be approved as the action that we wish to take by 
our membership.  But, I agree that we cannot be silent on this topic.  So 
please respond and let me know if a resolution in response to the public 
statement issued by President Pardun-- AEJMC: Obama's Promised "Change" 
Lacks Transparency is what you wish to do.  I will begin contacting other 
groups and then we will draft our response.  Dwight, I would appreciate your 
participation in our drafting of the resolution, if this is the membership's wish --
 and I do believe it will be so.
So please respond to the listserv with your vote of -- yes, let's begin drafting 
the resolution and contacting other groups.  Or no, this is not what I feel we 
should do.
Linda Callahan, please weigh in with CSM's perspective. 

Thank you,
Jennifer Woodard
MAC Head