What a wonderful task and related question.
I will leave the door open to others, to address your question of which of these learning goals might have the largest impact.   What I can't resist is the opportunity to note two things about your list of possible learning goals.
First, if you had not mentioned that the course was mainly about Management and Marketing, I could have read that list as a good list of learning goals for "Leadership in Any Kind of Organization" - churches, schools, the military, university department chairs, non-profits, etc.
Second, when I read your list of desired kinds of learning and relate them to my taxonomy of significant learning, they seem to relate to three of the categories of significant learning:
A. Skills




        Project Management

        IT Management

B. Thinking

        Critical thinking

        Problem solving


Human Dimension:

A.  Learning about ONESELF:

        Managing oneself

B.  Learning how to INTERACT WITH OTHERS

        Giving and receiving feedback


        Managing Others


Learning How to Learn
       Lifelong Learning
Thanks for the quick posting!  I assume others will have more to say about your question.

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 3:47 AM, Peter Smith <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi all,

I, and two colleagues, have been tasked with developing, introducing, and delivering a new core (aka compulsory) courses for our 1st year, undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Commerce).The 'content' of the course is largely based on Management and Marketing.

Aside from the 'content', there are explicit goals around the delivery of soft skills. our starting list of soft skills is rather long (more than we can possibly do). Our partial list includes:

Communication skills
Writing skills
Giving and receiving feedback
Presentation skills
Project management skills
Negotiation skills
Managing self
Managing others
IT Management and Technology
Critical thinking
Problem Solving
Lifelong learning

I wonder what people have found that, in their experience, are the three or four soft skills that would have the largest positive impact on students  (I'm leaving things rather vague here, so people can interpret the question in a variety of ways).

Kind regards

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