Hello All!

As we approach the start of the fall term, I am wondering what q*uestions,
problems, or creative ideas* people have for designing their courses?

We now have approximately 80 people on this course design listserv.

      I am sure a good number of you have done some creative design or
redesign of your courses.

      Or you may have questions as you try to do this. If you have a
question, you can be sure a number of others have (or had) the same
question.  Voicing that question and getting some thoughts on it, will help

*Please consider posting your ideas or questions* on the listserv.  We would
love to read them.

      Email for posting:  [log in to unmask]

*Update on Course Design Website*

We have also done a few things to enhance the website in the last few weeks:


   In the section on "*Design Tips and Forms*", we reorganized this section
   to make it easier to find the kind of item you are looking for, and added a
   few items.

   *Jose Diaz*, a valuable contributor from Venezuela, is doing the
   wonderful work of translating the whole website into *Spanish*!  You can
   see what he has done to date by clicking on the Spanish flag on the
   top-right of the homepage.


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