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Date: November 2, 2010 1:03:08 PM CDT
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Subject: Southwest Airlines Internship Postings

Good afternoon!

This first week of November Southwest Airlines is posting internship openings for the Spring and Summer at their Headquarters in Dallas and I was hoping that you all could help me spread the word. I was an intern last summer and it was really a one of a kind experience. I worked hands-on on projects, had free flights, got paid, and it looks great on a resume.

This is an especially good opportunity for PW majors interested in technical writing because the department I interned for, Central Publications, gave me excellent technical writing experience that's hard to come by. There are a ton of different departments looking for Summer interns though, from marketing to the people department so it's a good opportunity for any Gaylord student.

I was at the info session this morning to help talk about the program and recruit but obviously students have already missed that. However, if anyone has questions about the process or the internship itself please feel free refer them to me. Heads up, they are usually looking for Juniors who will be incoming Seniors after Summer '11 but there were several senior graduates in the program last year. I can help with little tid bits of info like this or even look over a resume if you find anyone interested.

Here is the site that all the internship positions will be posted on throughout the week,

Thanks so much for your help. This was such a cool opportunity for me that I want to make sure other students know it's out there, as well!

Thanks again,