Hello All,
We have some new resources to help college teachers everywhere learn about course design more easily now.  Let me share that information with you.
1.  Online Course on "Designing Courses for Significant Learning":  This past spring I trial tested a new online course about Integrated Course Design, with people from China, Pakistan, France and the US.  It went well, but I also saw what needed to be done to make it better.  So this summer and fall, I have been making those changes.
      The revised, "ready to go" version of this online course will start in January, 2011.  People will go through the course in cohorts of 5-8 people each, so they can dialogue and give each other feedback on their work.  And each cohort will have a Feedback Facilitator (me, this coming year) who will direct the course and give his/her own feedback to each other participants.
        The "Take-Away's:  When people finish this course, they will take away two things:
       Certificates:  Participants will also have the possibility of earning two Certificates, issued by the University of Oklahoma:
      Cost:  I have decided to price the course differentially, depending on the average income of college teachers in various countries.  Hence the following set of prices:
  1. Advanced Economies (N. Amer., Europe, etc.)                       $475/person
  2. Emerging Economies (Latin Amer., E. Europe, SE Asia, etc.)  $300/person
  3. South Asia, China                                                                 $150/person
  4. Sub-Saharan Africa                                                                  $75/person
I have put information about this online course, on the website for "Dee Fink & Associates", under "Online Courses":   www.deefinkandassociates.com  In the near future, I will also get information about it on the "Course Design" website.
      Special Value:  This course will benefit anyone.  However, it has special value for universities that want to provide adjunct faculty with opportunities to learn about teaching, because they can do it anytime, anywhere.
2. Workshop & Online Course about: "Designing Online or Hybrid Courses"
       Stewart Ross, an experienced Associate for "Dee Fink & Associates", has collaborated with Linda Jacoby at Minnesota State University-Mankato, to put together both a workshop and an online course on this topic. 
       Given the growing interest in this topic by universities everywhere, these resources will help professors integrate knowledge of good course design with some of the additional topics needed to create good online teaching and learning.
       The workshop and online course will be available, starting in February, 2011.
       There is additional information about these resources, under the "Home" and "Online Courses" of the Fink & Associates website:  www.deefinkandassociates.com
If you are interested in participating in any of these new workshops or online courses, please contact me at: [log in to unmask] 
My Best,  Dee Fink

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