Congratulations and looking forward to celebrate at the forthcoming party in Oakland! Susana Kaiser

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Congratulation to everyone involved in this long campaign, and to Martha for helping coordinate it.

Dorothy Kidd.

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That is terrific news. Martha, I'm raising a glass to you and the folks here in London. Happy 2011! John Downing

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Wonderful. Martha! Congratulations!!!
- birgitte

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Subject: Obama Signs Local Community Radio Act!

Greetings Community Radio Lovers,


Yesterday President Obama signed the Local Community Radio Act and today the Federal Communications Commission promised

“swift action to open the dial” (see below). Community radio lovers in and near the SF Bay Area in California who’d like to attend the

upcoming celebration of community radio – including this victory and the Memoria Viva project in Chiapas, please contact me for details.   


Low (& All) Power to The People!

Martha Wallner – National Advisory Committee to Expand LPFM Radio




Jen Howard

202 418-0506

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“The Local Community Radio Act signed by President Obama is a big win for radio listeners.  Low-power FM stations are small, but they make a giant contribution to local community programming.  This important law eliminates the unnecessary restrictions that kept these local stations off the air in cities and towns across the country.  I commend Congressmen Mike Doyle and Lee Terry and Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain for the successful passage of this legislation and their longstanding commitment to local community radio. The FCC will take swift action to open the dial to new low-power radio stations and the valuable local service they provide.” 



Beth McConnell, Executive Director of the Media & Democracy Coalition had this to say:


No one else could have pulled off this incredible victory for community radio than the dedicated, hard working team that passed this bill.   

This was not an easy victory, as folks know.  And countless people contributed to it over the years.  They brought tenacity, executed brilliant strategy, were resourceful and creative.  They built alliances in far away Congressional districts and mobilized unlikely allies.  They used home-made hula hoops and cheerleader costumes, and business suits when necessary.  They moved comfortably between right wing religious groups and immigrant farm workers; between first responders and musicians.   
There was not one iota of luck in this victory.  It was not bought by trading on relationships, which is the currency that DC typically runs on.  It was won with 100% blood, sweat, and elbow grease.  It was won by being right, and combining it with genuine might.  

So in addition to congratulations all around, I just want to say I’m so thoroughly impressed.   


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