I agree that book authors are probably best, however it would be good ON OCCASION to have a magazine editor or screenwriter.

That being said, my favorite authors are:

Stephen King
Leo F. Buscaglia
James Patterson
Brenda Novak.

All are probably hard to get ahold of, but keep it up the good work!


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Need advise from all of you out there in PWSA land.  What does everyone think about trying to take aim at more diversity in our interview pool?  A concept that we are being introduced to this semester is that professional writing does not cover only novels and non-fiction.  We can walk out here and get jobs as diverse as screenwriters and columnists.  I still say that the primary focus of the interviews should be published authors of books (non-fiction or fiction).
I'm also sending out another request for the top five favorite authors of many of you.  I only received a few responses on my first fishing expedition.  Let's know who you like!
D. J. Russell