About 10 years ago, I taught a segment on emotional intelligence in a critical thinking course for nontraditional undergraduate students at University of Denver.  At that time, I used a free online multiple-choice emotional intelligence test developed by Daniel Goleman.  A couple of years ago, I looked for that test and could no longer find it.  But there are a number of emotional intelligence tests available, mostly for a fee.  I do not know the quality of the various tests.


When I taught the segment on emotional intelligence, I was able to link higher levels of emotional intelligence (based on the multiple choice test) to higher levels of intellectual reasoning/critical thinking.  In other words, higher emotional intelligence seemed to correspond to the application of more complex critical thinking to problems involving self-regulation and interaction with others.  (I look at ethical reasoning in the same manner.)  But I am not an expert on these topics, so my interpretation might be ill-founded!



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Subject: Design Learning List: Tests for Emotional Intelligence??



In the Taxonomy for Significant Learning, two of the primary categories involve the "Human Dimension" and "Caring/Values". 

Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of Emotional Intelligence which addresses both Self-Understanding and one's ability to Interact with Others.
      As we think about ways to assess the Human Dimension and students' values that regulate their interactions with others, tests on emotional intelligence become relevant.

Question:  Does anyone know about or have information on the various tests on Emotional Intelligence?
       Or know someone who does?

Many thanks,  Dee Fink

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