Dear AEJMC & MAC member:

This is to share with you sad news that Jennifer sent out to the AEJMC Board
this morning.  Von Whitmore was a dedicated worker in AEJMC and a dear
friend to many of us.

Linda Florence Callahan, Ph.D.
CSM Immediate Past Chair

Journalism & Mass Communication
North Carolina A&T State University
Greensboro, NC 27411
(336) 334-7221 x 3003

Subject: AEJMC sad news

I am sending this message to both the outgoing and incoming AEJMC Boards.

Von Whitmore died this morning from ovarian cancer.  I just had a message
from one of her colleagues at Kent State.

Von had been a member of the AEJMC Board for the past 4 years as vice chair
and chair of the Council of Divisions. 

As I have more information I will send that along. 

We will also send an email out to the Council of Divisions. 


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