Dear OURmedia friends and colleagues,

Please consider donating and sharing this call widely. You may remember
OURplanet-TV members who came to OURmedia in Sydney, presented their work
and produced a number of programs about OURmedia.


Ourplanet-TV, a non-profit non-governmental media organization in Tokyo, is
collecting donations for a 2-hour TV program highlighting the voices of
Japanese children, who have been affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident.
These children are exposed to much higher-than-normal radioactivity
everyday. Parents are struggling to protect their children from radiation.
The case of the right to evacuate has been taken to court, but still more
than a half year later nothing has changed. Children living close to the
epicenter of the nuclear plant still cannot play in the school yards and
outside their houses without being exposed to radiation.

By giving a donation to the program, we will be able to broadcast a program
that documents the children's daily life and how they have been affected by
the nuclear incident. We would like to give them a chance to express what
they feel and what they think and tell their stories, experiences, and
opinions to the society.  

Non-profit media in Japan are few, and people are only slowly realizing
their importance. There is not enough of a culture of giving financial
support to NPOs. Ourplanet-TV is therefore reaching out to people

This is a collection of short interviews done by Ourplanet with children
talking about their experience in front of the Diet Building.
"This summer, we could not go swimming"
"I want to play outside"
"I want the government to take responsibility for what is happening to us"
"We will regret it later if we don't act now"

You can donate and read details online at

Dontation Deadline is the end of Februrary 2012.

Ourplanet-TV, is one of Japan's best known alternative media, an
all-citizens based independent public access center, with distribution on
the internet, and on Tokyo area cable (in a weekly program window).