Research on Local Media in South Africa

The Eastern Cape Communication Forum (ECCF) in partnership with Walter Sisulu University (WSU) offers the opportunity for a student to conduct media related research in the Eastern Cape. ECCF is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) which aims at strengthening and professionalising local independent media in the Eastern Cape, primarily grassroots newspapers and radio stations, to ensure adequate citizen participation in the democratic processes of the country. It furthermore tries to combine theoretical teaching of WSU journalism students with practical interventions in the media sector. ECCF provides training, workshops, and other forms of support to grassroots media and journalism students. It also includes a ‘Student News Agency’ (SNA) and catalyzes debates with students and media. ECCF is actively involved in the exchange of information and sharing of resources for the development of community media. Contacts have been established with local, national and international media support organisations. The German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is the core funder of the ECCF.


Are you interested in grassroots media and its challenges? Are you studying media or a related field that asks questions about media and development? Are you learning about theories on the characteristics of different media systems? Then use the ECCF as a gateway to study local media in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Research Assistance

ECCF and WSU will be able to assist in facilitating contact with representatives from local independent media organisations for interview opportunities and conducting surveys. It will further assist in providing contacts with all spheres of government, civil society organisations and relevant media support organisations. You will be able to liaise directly with journalism students and other departments of WSU. ECCF and WSU will assist in identifying relevant themes for postgraduate and any other studies, if necessary. It is hoped that any research conducted would produce valuable information for ECCF and WSU to further develop their programmes of media support. ECCF and WSU will not be able to avail any financial contribution to the study opportunity.

Research Facilities

ECCF and WSU offer a working space (office) within the facilities of the media hub. The media hub comprises of a training venue, offices and a resource centre. The resource centre accommodates a collection of local independent publications from the Eastern Cape as well as some relevant material with regards to media and strengthening civil society and local democracy.

For More Information

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