It was Rebecca Horner.  I should have a copy of it in here somewhere.  I'll find it and forward it.


Cynthia L. Hines
Senior/Professional Writing
University of Oklahoma/Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication
Oklahoma Today Magazine Spring 2012 Intern
Professional Writing Student Association (PWSA) President 2011/Treasurer 2012
Associate Degree/English/Language Arts/MSC 2010
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Subject: Doodle Poll

Who was in charge of the Doodle poll?
I have people in my class asking about it.  If the volunteer doesn't' have time to set it up, 
please speak now so we can find another volunteer to do it or work around it another way. 
Membership and attendance are critical to the survival of PWSA, so don't be embarrassed if you 
don't have time to set up the Doodle poll just please, let us know. 
PWSA Treasurer
(405) 823-7674