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LINDA KENNEDY ROSSER “Books on Oklahoma Culture, from Cooking to Biography”

Saturday, May 12th, 10 am—noon

University Lutheran Church, 914 Elm Ave. (park in back off of College Ave.)

Linda Kennedy Rosser has written and published works about Oklahoma through her company, Bobwhite Publications.  Works include Christmas in Oklahoma,  Pioneer Cookery Around Oklahoma,  Apple Cookery Round & About,  Memory Album of A Territorial Lady,  Oklahoma Trivia Game, and an historical monologue, Silhouette of a Territorial Lady, which she performed for 10 years all over the state of Oklahoma.  The sale of her books and games totaled more than 55,000 copies over a twenty-year period. 

Rosser has won many awards recognizing her significant volunteer work in the community. She is a native of Oklahoma City with a BA in Language Arts from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Liberal Arts with emphasis on Film from Oklahoma City University, where she has been an Adjunct Professor in the Moving Image Arts (film) Department. 

—Andy Horton, VP-Program

Member Moments

Member Cindy Noble (Did you know she holds a Ph.D. in Meteorology?) will teach us about the all-important scene and sequel, which novel writers must learn to handle well. Cindy is completing a science fiction novel called Worldmakers, in which a scientist wakes an alien machine that unleashes monsters upon the galaxy, and his teenaged son, Darryn, must set childish things aside and fight for the survival of his family.