As a grizzled veteran of contests, I must respectfully disagree, at least in part. Especially with our call (which is an superb contest call, buy the way) , this is a poor practice. Instead, call with our call letters and use "School Club." Simply saying "School Club" is tantamount to calling with only a partial call. That's not only technically illegal, but simply very poor technique. The best way to raise the ire of a station during a run is to force them to ask for repeats. Why? Because it forces the op on the other end to slow their rate because they must ask you again for your call, and you must give it again before the running station can begin to enter you in the log. A good op will catch your call and start the logging as they make the QSO. So, in a pile up, you call the running station (the one running the pile) as follows:

"Whiskey 5 Tango Charlie, school club!" using a different inflection for "school club." Note 1) you can usually drop the "whiskey" as "double-yoo" is pretty distinct, and 2) that getting in a hurry is also poor practice: the running station (the station being targeted by the pile-up) won't catch your call or if you talk fast. The calling station's job is to communicate, which means you must be clear and efficient. Forcing the receiving station to constantly ask for fills isn't efficient.

If you call properly, the station being called doesn't have to kill their rate by requesting a fill with "School club?" but can, instead, enter you call as they make the Q:

"W5TC 59 blah blah" (whatever the exchange is)
We then respond with their call and the exchange, tagging on "73" at the end. Done!

Bottom line: no partial calls! Simply saying "school club" is the same as a partial call.


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I am now on the Yahoo! List for SCR. One of the things that was brought up by Paul, KC5CCY (advisor for Viking Radio Club KF5CRF, Lawton), is that if we are trying to make a contact in a pile-up, don't give the call, announce SCHOOL CLUB.  We get multipliers for contacting school clubs so they will try to pick you if you announce that you are a school club. Of course, make sure you ID once you get picked!

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