It’s a Pahr-tay!

Saturday, December 8th , 2012; 11 am—1:15 p.m.

 University Lutheran Church, 914 Elm (park in rear off of College Ave.)

Our December 8 meeting at University Lutheran Church is our annual holiday bash, so bring your friends, your sweetie, your best holiday dish, (side dish, salad or dessert) and prepare to congratulate our contest winners and welcome next year’s officers. 

Those stalwart servants are 

Tom Barczak, President

Betty Robbins, President-elect

Susan Cogan, VP for programs

Mary Payne, Secretary

Linda Basinger, Treasurer

Come ready to clap, smile, and eat at 11 a.m. You may thank Ann Champeau and Ruth Loeffler (and probably some others) for decorations and paper goods, and Ruth Castillo for all her hard work for the contest.

If you can, please bring a package of diapers and/or a children’s book to donate to CCFI (Center for Children & Families, Inc.)

—Kathleen Park, President

Big Thank You to our 2012 Officers & Board!

Kathleen Park, President, Grammar Column, OWFI Rep

Tom Barczak, President-elect

Andrew Horton, VP-Program

Sherry Bynum, Secretary, OWFI Rep

Linda Basinger, Treasurer

Helen Duchon, WriteLine Editor, Roundtable Rep

Ruth Castillo, 2012 Contest Chair

Ann Champeau, Markets Coumnist; Cheer

Mary Spalding, Recruitment

Marilyn Fleer, Meeting Location, Telephone, Refreshments, PR

Mary Payne, Friday Writers

Cindy Noble, OWFI Rep